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Blinds and Shades for Your Home and OfficeBellagio Window Treatments, Window Shading

With quality products including window blinds and window shades, your home or office can go from "yawn" to brilliant in no time! We use name brands such as Alta Window Fashions Hunter Douglas Kirsch Blinds and Graber Blinds to ensure you get the quality you want and the look you desire! Click here to view our vendor list.

At Bellagio Window Fashions, we'll help you select the perfect quality and styling of window shades or window blinds from our vast selection!

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For years, Bellagio Window Fashions has been serving Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan with window treatment solutions and interior decorating for the home, office or corporation. We offer on-site design services, free consultations, and a program where you can see designs on your windows before you buy!

How you dress your windows is key to a successful room design. Bellagio Window Fashions can help you make the most of your space with fashionable, affordable window treatments.

Here are some tips about dressing up your windows:

  • Make your window a focal point: Every room needs a focal point for design. If you have an exceptional painting or sculpture, that may do the trick. If not, remember, your custom window treatment is the one design feature created specifically for you.
  • A print or color treatment can set the tone for the entire room achieving just the effect you want for your home. If you want a focal point in your room, a creatively designed window treatment is the answer. Windows are truly a design opportunity for setting your room's mood and style!
  • Make your window a background: You'll add beauty and grace to your home by creating a soft background in your window treatment design. Choosing simple lines, soft swags and muted or neutral colors help make a gentle, yet finished-looking decorative statement, a lovely background for a comfortably beautiful room.
  • Decorative blinds and shades are now available in such a wide array of styles, you may want to consider them as a background option, too. There are too many to mention here, but ask me for some suggestions... you'll be amazed at the flexibility, functionality and beauty these new options provide.
  • Whether you choose to make your windows a focal point, or a subtle, yet dramatic background, remember that each window in your home serves its functional purpose.

 Bellagio Window Fashions Offers Decorative wood blinds in Toledo Ohio, Maumee, Perrysburg, Southeast Michigan and surrounding areas.


Don't Turn a Blind Eye to Blinds: For Privacy and Light Control, Blinds Can't Be Beat!

Window blinds-- horizontal blinds and vertical blinds --provide excellent light control and privacy. Adjust a few degrees of slant and your entire room can take on a whole new feel. Newer blinds come in a whole range of colors and textures, and with advanced mechanisms that can last many years.

We represent top quality national brands such as Kathy Ireland Hunter Douglas, Kirsch Graber and more. In fact, there are so many blinds stylings that choosing can be overwhelming. Woods, metals, composites, and fabric inserts can add accents in a room that give even an experienced designer pause. But not to worry.that's where our expertise comes in to guide you.

Unwanted light can interrupt your sleep, fade your furniture and cause unsightly glare. You'll find that horizontal blinds and vertical blinds possess a level of light control so superior, only the beauty shines through. Either fully retracted to open your space to the environment, tilted to control the amount of light you want in the room, or closed to keep the coziness of your room private, you can count on that versatility with blinds.

A window with blinds can be dressed up and softened with a wonderful valance, or surrounding fabric treatment. This marriage of hard treatments with soft fabrics combines privacy control, light control and beauty for your environment.

So if control and appealing looks are what's needed in your space, blinds can certainly fit the bill. Ask us, your window designer, to guide you through the myriad of choices to determine the right blind applications for your home.

We'll help you select the quality, color and styling of horizontal or vertical blinds to complement your good taste and lifestyle.

Call us today! 

Cellular Shades: They Look Great,
While Saving You money!

The beauty of cellular shades such as Duettes or Honeycomb Shades from Hunter Douglas goes beyond what meets the eye. Graber, Alta Window Fashions and other manufacturers create a variety of patented constructions from single to double, even triple thickness. Thanks to the special honeycomb design, each window shade acts as an insulator, keeping out the cold in winter and heat in summer, helping to reduce your energy costs.

Lots of light, not so much, just a glimpse, or none at all. These light control variations are easy to achieve with cellular shading. The translucent nature of certain styles provides you the light you want with the privacy you need. New styling option: opaque "blackout" window shades that block over 90% of exterior light for maximum privacy.

Cellular shades are beautiful, practical, and with no visible cords, holes or seams, which is why designers recommend cellular shading for room interiors. Your choice of colors is wide, ranging from neutral cream and white, to muted blue and warm gold, all with a neutral white back for a uniform exterior look. Select from a variety of beautiful fabric and pleat options available in 3/8", 3/4" and blackout double honeycomb construction that traps air and acts as a supreme insulator.

Cellular window shades are an ideal solution for skylights, sliding glass doors and unusual window shapes like arches and circles. Vertical applications cover large expanses of windows like sliders. Continuous cord loop systems are available to make raising and lowering shades easier than ever. You can even select from a top-down / bottom-up option allowing shades to both lower from the top and raise from the bottom. With such a variety of options, all your windows can be covered with style that offers you the energy efficiency you need today. For convenience of operating your shades at the touch of a button, try the battery-powered or wired options. 


Silhouettes® Soft Shades: A perfect solution

Sunlight is essential to any home--For its warmth, its charm and its cheerfulness. It is an extremely important decorating element. And one you should not sacrifice simply because you need privacy and light control.

Silhouettes® window shades offer the perfect solution. Designers love the two sheer fabric facings with fabric vanes suspended between them. When the vanes are open, the view outside is preserved, and your home's natural light is gently filtered. Closed, the fabric vanes allow you privacy while maintaining the soft, elegant style Silhouette and similar window shadings create.

Silhouettes® window shadings are available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and 2" and 3" vane sizes. When raised, the entire shade disappears into a sleek head rail - a perfect treatment for large windows up to 120" high.

Silhouettes®, and similar fabric and vane treatments, are perfect for any room in your home, even rooms with unusually shaped windows. This style of product embraces the most challenging windows like arches and angles. For hard to reach windows, consider Silhouette® with PowerRise®, battery-powered or wired motorization. With no operating cords, there is nothing to detract from the appearance of the shading, and safety concerns associated with dangling cords are eliminated.

Our experience and decorating ideas will help you select the perfect solution for your challenging window.

Vertical Shading: A truly unique system of
window light control!

Luminette Privacy Sheers® combine soft fabric window sheers over vertical vanes designed to soften and diffuse the light, while offering you the capability of complete privacy. With a simple movement of the combination wand and cord control, you can enjoy any level of illumination you desire. These remarkable vertical blinds offer varying degrees of privacy, allowing you to control your view of the outside world. Imagine the filtered view that sheers offer, and the varying degree of light control possible with verticals--that's the idea behind Luminette Privacy Sheers and similar brands.

Change the mood of your room by choosing Luminette Privacy Sheers® from Hunter Douglas. Its sheer, drapery like covering has a vertical design, especially suited for larger, rectangular windows. When fully open, you'll enjoy a subdued view of the outdoors.

When closed, its sheer fabric vanes give you complete privacy with a softer look than the typical vertical. Luminette® makes a statement in casual and formal rooms alike. It's even available with a room-darkening option, Evening Star. While Luminettes are beautiful on their own, you can order extra fabric for wonderfully coordinated rooms.

Make your space reflect your every whim at an instant--right for the office as well as the bedroom. 

Bellagio Window Fashions offers window treatments and interior decorating services to the following areas:

  • Maumee Ohio
  • Perrysburg Ohio
  • Holland Ohio
  • Toledo Ohio
  • Bowling Green Ohio
  • Finday Ohio
  • Sylvania Ohio
  • Oregon Ohio
  • Point Place Ohio
  • Northwest Ohio
  • Southeast Michigan

Call and get the latest design trends in curtains, draperies and window valances!

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