Woven Wood Shades Are A Natural Fit In Any Room

Woven Wood Shade with Valance

Woven Wood Shades

I just installed a Woven Wood Shade in my own bathroom window. Even though the window is frosted, there was still quite a bit of sunlight and heat from the sun coming through the window. So, while blocking out some of that heat in order to save money on my electric bill, I thought I’d add some aesthetics while I was at it. I’m sure that what I’ll save on electricity plus the reduced wear and tear on the air conditioning will pay for the shade. (Ladies, that’s one way to justify to hubby the cost of getting new window treatments!)

I chose to go with a Woven Wood Shade. In case you’re not already familiar with these, Woven Wood Shades (often called just “Woven Woods“) are made of “natural” materials, such as bamboo, reeds, jutes rattan grasses and reeds. They’re a great choice if you’re going after a more “relaxed” look and would like to bring the outdoors inside your home. They’re practical, long-lasting, not very expensive, easy to maintain, plus they really do look nice.  Another factor that made this an easy choice is that I already have a woven wood shade in the kitchen, so I thought this would give a more consistent look throughout the house.

I went with a design called “Kashi Sophisticate” from Alta Window Fashions. This particular design is made of  different types of reeds so it has an interesting look to it. Since woven woods are “natural” materials, no two shades are exactly alike. In fact, it’s not uncommon to have slight imperfections in the reeds. This adds to the “natural”, “relaxed” look of the shade.

I also had a privacy liner added to the back of the shade, which will take care of the heat from the sun while adding additional insulation. For the lift system, I just went with the standard lift, which for this model consists of a swivel, multi-cord lock and guided pulley system. In simple terms, “It’s simple to operate!” Move the cord to the left to release the locking mechanism and pull down on the cord to raise the shade. To lower it,  move the cord to the left to unlock it and (gently) guide the shade down. It doesn’t get any easier.  Nothing fancy, just functional…and that works. To finish it off, I added a matching valance. In addition to adding a nice, “finished “look to the shade, it also hides the cords across the top that are part of the lift system. (Always a plus when you can have a feature that’s practical as well as looking great!)

Woven Woods have gained a lot of popularity so manufacturers have increased the ways they can be used. For example, you can even get room panels made of woven wood materials or have the shade made to fit virtually any size window. And, “Yes”, there are some manufacturers that make woven wood shades that will even fit on sliding glass doors. (See, there are other options for sliding glass doors besides vertical blinds!)Woven Woods Shade

A quick tip to help your woven woods look great for years: you can help reduce the accumulation of dust by raising and lowering the shade every once in a while. And if need be, you can lightly brush them or go over them carefully  with a soft vacuum brush attachment. If your shades will be in a high-traffic area, you can add a little extra protection by having them sprayed with 3M Scotch Guard spray, too.

Anyway, that’s my new shade – simple and functional. What do you think?

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