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Combining Wood Blinds And Woven Wood Shades

This year has seen a lot of new innovations in window treatments.  If you’ve been reading thWoven Wood Blindsis blog, just a few weeks ago you saw the introduction of the Trilight Shade, which is a fantastic shade.

I also recently mentioned how Woven Wood Shades were being used in new ways. And I’m happy to tell you that a completely brand new window treatment has just come onto the decorating scene. I think once you understand what it is and what it can do, you’ll be as excited as I am about this new addition to the family of window coverings.

Woven Reed Blinds
combine some of the best features of woven wood blinds along with wood blinds and combine them into one window treatment. These blinds offer the natural, tropical feel of woven wood shades along with the light control and privacy control of wood or faux wood blinds. When they’re tilted open, you have a clear view of the outdoors just as you would with a traditional blind. And when the slats are closed, sunlight filters through the woven bamboo slats to create a warm, cozy feel in the room.

So What Makes These Blinds So Special?
The slats are constructed of genuine bamboo reeds that are woven together into 2-inch wide slats. And you’ll notice that the slats are strong and durable, so they’re sure to maintain their shape.  Something that I really like is the fact that each slat is wrapped in such a way so that both sides are covered. This is quality construction that shows through and it’s these type of details that create a “custom” look to your windows.

Also,  there’s an interior liner that sits between the two layers of slats. This gives each slat greater strength and stability plus this helps to filter out more of the sun’s rays as well as provide greater insulation – another money-saving feature that everyone always seems to love!

The headrail has a slim, low-profile design. It’s strong enough to cover large windows with just one blind. And the low profile design reduces the size of the blind stack when the blinds are raised and gives a greater range of view outdoors.

The bottom rail of these blinds has a trapezoid shape, which gives a cleaner look than the typical squared-off bottom rails you usually find. This unique shape also allows the blinds to close tighter, giving you even greater light control and privacy.

Control Options
These blinds come with a “break-away” safety tassel that separates when pressure is applied – a great safety option if you have children or pets.

The Woven Reed Blinds also are available with a motorized tilt control that tilts the blinds open and closed with just the touch of a button.  This is a battery-operated Radio Frequency system that can operate from up to 90 feet away. The remote control feature is especially useful if you have multiple blinds that you’d like to have operate together.

Decorative Options For Your Windows
First of all, the slates are available in 7 beautiful, earth-tone colors. So start by matching the color of the slats to the decor of your room. Next, you can add solid or decorative tapes to add additional flair and color coordination. (“Tapes” are fabric material that are run vertically along the front of the blind. Their main purpose is to hide the cords that run through each slat of the blind.

And finally, the valances (all made of wood) are available in three different styles: a traditional “classic” look, a sleek, contemporary design, and a larger, 4-inch design that’s especially suited for larger windows.

The valances have a magnetic attachment system that holds the valance securely in place and allows for it to be easy to adjust so you can get the exact position you want.  This means no more plastic valance clips that can break! (If you’ve ever had “traditional” valances on wood blinds, you know what I mean.)

And these Woven Reed Blinds are manufactured by Alta Window Fashions, which means they’re well made by a company that stands behind their product. These are a great choice for woven window treatments or woven wood window treatments.

I just got my hand sample in and I can tell you first hand they really do look great! I know many people are always looking for something “different”… something their neighbors don’t have. Well, if that’s you, now’s your chance to stand out and shine!

Contact me at Bellagio Window Fashions and I’ll be happy to show you some samples so you can see how these Woven Reed Blinds will look in your home.



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