Wood Cornices Over French Doors

Wood Cornice over door

Window Coverings For French Doors

A great way to decorate a window is to use multiple window treatments that will blend together and create a layered look. I recently did some work on a client’s home and I used this approach and I thought I’d share this process with you. Maybe you can get some ideas to use for your own home.

The home had beautiful wood trim and quite a few doors. My client wanted to highlight the wood trim surrounding the doors but wanted to have a more “finished” look as well as have some type of window treatment that would complement not only the doorways but her entire home.

To the right is a photo of one of the doors before we started. French Doors Before Cornices

To start things out, we made cornice boards out of wood and stained them to match the trim around the doors. Cornices were a bid item years ago and they’ve suddenly made a resurgence. Maybe this is because of the renewed interest in curtains and draperies, as they go hand-in-hand very well. Today homes in the Toledo area have quite a lot of wood trim around windows and doorways.  Natural wood adds a feeling of warmth to a home and people are doing a lot of remodeling these days. Again, maybe this is a sign of the times, but many people are saving money by staying put and remodeling and making improvements to their existing homes rather than moving.

Anyway, the cornices added a nice touch to the existing architecture. We made the cornices wide enough so that the window treatments would fit underneath and the top rails would be hidden from view. These are just some of the finer points that have to be taken into account before a project like this is started!

Here you can see the cornices installed. In the next phase, we’ll look at how these window treatments for french doors were added to complete the effect.

Matching Cornices Over French Doors

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