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Woven Wood Shades – Natural Window Treatments

Woven Wood Window Treatments

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Woven Woods seem to be on everyone’s “trendy” list but if you take a closer look, this window shade has a lot more to offer than what you may have heard.  In fact, if you’re looking for a window treatment that’s “fashionable”, distinctive and that can blend with almost any decor and almost any type of window, Woven Wood Shades just may be your answer.

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Trilights – Trilight Shades” A Window Shade With Options

TriLight Shade With Many OptionsTrilight Shades

This is a brand new window shade that just came out and I love the versatility ad the huge number of options that make this a great window treatment – even for those “difficult windows”.

Trilight blinds are window shades that have the top-down/bottom-up feature, meaning you can have the shade raise (“bottom-up”) or you can drop the top of the shade down (“top-down”) so you have light coming in from the top and privacy at the bottom.

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Woven Wood Shades Are A Natural Fit In Any Room

Woven Wood Shade with Valance

Woven Wood Shades

I just installed a Woven Wood Shade in my own bathroom window. Even though the window is frosted, there was still quite a bit of sunlight and heat from the sun coming through the window. So, while blocking out some of that heat in order to save money on my electric bill, I thought I’d add some aesthetics while I was at it. I’m sure that what I’ll save on electricity plus the reduced wear and tear on the air conditioning will pay for the shade. (Ladies, that’s one way to justify to hubby the cost of getting new window treatments!)

I chose to go with a Woven Wood Shade. In case you’re not already familiar with these, Woven Wood Shades (often called just “Woven Woods“) are made of “natural” materials, such as bamboo, reeds, jutes rattan grasses and reeds. They’re a great choice if you’re going after a more “relaxed” look and would like to bring the outdoors inside your home. They’re practical, long-lasting, not very expensive, easy to maintain, plus they really do look nice.  Another factor that made this an easy choice is that I already have a woven wood shade in the kitchen, so I thought this would give a more consistent look throughout the house.

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