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Contemporary Window Treatments For The Office

Solar Shades (also referred to as “screen shades”) are a popular choice of window treatments for an office. They add a clean, crisp look and they’re available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Solar shades are raised and lowered like any other type of window shade but what makes them unique is that they can allow a certain amount of light through and into a room.

These shades are made of mesh material and the size of the holes in the material determine the amount of light that’s allowed through. The larger the holes and the greater number of mesh holes per inch, the greater the amount of sunlight that passes through. That said, solar shades can be made with “black-out” material so that no light is allow to enter. This makes black-out shades a great choice for media rooms, conference rooms and other areas where videos or media may be played. These features make this a better alternative than cellular shades or honeycomb shades for this environment.

Solar Shades are generally operated (raised and lowered) by way of a beaded cord or steel chain on a pulley system that hangs down from the headrail. This corded loop can be attached to the side of the window to secure it in place.

We recently completed an office project in the Toledo Ohio area. Here are a few photos of some of the shades and a few of the solar shades being installed.

Installation of Headrail of Solar Shades

Installing Solar Shades

Solar Shade Installation

Solar Shades In Conference Room

Solar Shades in Conference Room
Office With Solar Roller Shades

Solar Shades in Office Suite

Solar Shades in office.
Solar Shades Overlooking the Paio
Solar Shades overlooking the paio.

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