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Drapery Panels Semi-Custom LineDraperies and Curtains

The winter season is the most popular time of year for draperies and curtains. Maybe it’s because we tend to stay inside more and our attention begins to focus on getting some home decor ideas.

Or perhaps it’s because temperatures are dropping and we’re looking at ways to cover our windows in a way that will keep more of the heat inside our homes to save a few dollars on heating costs. And if you can conserve energy while decorating your windows, so much the better. The heavier the drapery material, the more insulation they’ll provide. If you can add a lining material as well, you’ll save even more.

The problem is that custom draperies can get to be rather expensive. The most important factor being the cost of the materials, if you have lining, decorative trim and the degree of difficulty in putting it all together. All in all, custom draperies (and even curtains) can be outside of the budget for many households today.

That’s why I was thrilled when one of our workrooms called to tell me about a new line of “semi-custom” drapery panels!  As you might expect, a “semi-custom” line is somewhere between custom drapes and “pre-made drapery panels you may find in a store. One great advantage to semi-custom is that it gives you a place to start. Many people don’t have any idea of the type of design, materials or colors they’d like for new draperies. Here you have a choice of different designs along with many different types of fabric from which to choose. These can even be used for valance curtains for bay windows.

The other huge advantage to a semi-custom line is, of course, price.  The savings can be huge! The exact amount would obviously depend upon the custom design and features you would otherwise start with and the final selection of the semi-custom line. But savings of 50% or more is not uncommon.

Off to the right are just a few of the designs from the semi-custom drapery line. And again, you pick the fabric and even the fringe materials, if those would apply.

So, if you’ve been thinking about draperies for your home but the price has put you off, now’s your chance to spruce up those windows without breaking the bank. Give me a call and I’ll be happy to show you this our semi-custom line of draperies and curtains that I know you’re going to love!

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