Window Treatment Ideas For French Doors″

French Doors are one of the most difficult parts of a home to decorate for many homeowners. To choose what type of window treatment to use is simple, when you have the right perspective.

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How To Save Money On Curtains and Drapes

Finished drapery installed on a client's window.
Computer Drawing of Drapes

Drapery design on a photo of a client’s window.

Finished drapery installed on a client's window.

Finished drapery installed on the client’s window.

Curtains and Draperies Savings





Custom draperies or curtains for your windows can add an entirely new feel and dimension to a room. But with so many choices in type and color of fabrics, trim and hardware, how do you really know which ones will go best with your room and decor?

How many times have you bought something at a store, brought it home and you didn’t like the way it looked? And with custom window treatments, there is no return policy! So it’s understandable that many homeowners are afraid they’ll make the wrong choice (or choices). But there’s a solution for that!

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Buying Online Is Often Not Cheaper – Here’s Proof

Smart Consumer

Smart ConsumerWindow Treatments In Toledo

I have a client in the Toledo area who recently ordered drapery panels for her home.  Here are the specs:

  • Pinch-pleated draperies
  • Lined
  • 1 width per panel
  • 139 inches in length
  • Four drapery panels in total

The fabric that was used is from a “premier” fabric manufacturer.  The draperies are hand-tailored. And, of course, this includes installation of all four drapery panels.

The total cost to my client was $1,030 (including sales tax).

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