Window Treatments For French Doors – The Video

French Door Covering

One of the most often asked questions by homeowners is:

“What type of window coverings would look good on French Doors?”

Have you considered cellular shades for french doors? I don’t know, maybe it’s the idea of having a window on a door that throws most people.  And if you think about it, that’s exactly what you have with a french door – a door with windows on it!

But,for whatever reason, this has always been a point that seems to put a lot of people into a decorating dilemma.  We’ve completed a number of projects that had French Doors over the last few months and each project was very different. And as you can probably imagine, the end result for each was very unique.

Window Coverings For French Doors

So, we did a quick little video made up of photos from some of these projects. Different ideas with different ends in mind. So if you have French Doors and you’re looking for the perfect window covering, this may give you some ideas of what you can do for your own home.  Or maybe just some additional ideas of what you can do for window treatments in general.

Anyway, have a look. And please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

And if you’d like to get a few ideas about window treatments for french doors, call Bellagio Window Fashions: 419-381-2700.

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Trilights – Trilight Shades” A Window Shade With Options

TriLight Shade With Many OptionsTrilight Shades

This is a brand new window shade that just came out and I love the versatility ad the huge number of options that make this a great window treatment – even for those “difficult windows”.

Trilight blinds are window shades that have the top-down/bottom-up feature, meaning you can have the shade raise (“bottom-up”) or you can drop the top of the shade down (“top-down”) so you have light coming in from the top and privacy at the bottom.

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Using Blinds, Draperies And A Valance To Create A Unique Design

Wood Blinds, Draperies and Valance

Multiple Window Treatments On One Window

Have you ever struggled to think of  what would be the “perfect” window treatment for a window in your and you were left totally stumped? (If so, don’t feel bad, you’re definitely not alone!)

Most people want to have a window treatment that accomplishes more than one thing.  They want it to be functional, such as providing light and privacy controls.  Maybe add some color to the room, create an inviting atmosphere, etc.  And, of course, they want it to be “unique”. (Not many want their windows to look exactly like their neighbors!)

The problem is that usually they’re trying to think of ONE window covering that will accomplish ALL of their objectives. In most cases, taking that approach will usually mean having to sacrifice something along the way.

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Woven Wood Shades Are A Natural Fit In Any Room

Woven Wood Shade with Valance

Woven Wood Shades

I just installed a Woven Wood Shade in my own bathroom window. Even though the window is frosted, there was still quite a bit of sunlight and heat from the sun coming through the window. So, while blocking out some of that heat in order to save money on my electric bill, I thought I’d add some aesthetics while I was at it. I’m sure that what I’ll save on electricity plus the reduced wear and tear on the air conditioning will pay for the shade. (Ladies, that’s one way to justify to hubby the cost of getting new window treatments!)

I chose to go with a Woven Wood Shade. In case you’re not already familiar with these, Woven Wood Shades (often called just “Woven Woods“) are made of “natural” materials, such as bamboo, reeds, jutes rattan grasses and reeds. They’re a great choice if you’re going after a more “relaxed” look and would like to bring the outdoors inside your home. They’re practical, long-lasting, not very expensive, easy to maintain, plus they really do look nice.  Another factor that made this an easy choice is that I already have a woven wood shade in the kitchen, so I thought this would give a more consistent look throughout the house.

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Window Shadings Covering French Doors

Window Shadings from Kathy Ireland Home By AltaWindow Coverings For French Doors

In the previous post, I mentioned that we started with Window Treatments For French Doors and added handmade, wooden cornices above each door.  Next, we needed to install the window treatments. (Here’s where it really gets interesting!)

We installed a window covering that very few people even know about: “Window Shadings”. This is a very unique window treatment that accomplishes several things. Think of have the privacy and light control of blinds while having the soft texture of sheers along with its ability to blend colors in with the decor of a room. If this sounds like the best of all worlds, that’s because it is!

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Wood Cornices Over French Doors

Wood Cornice over door

Window Coverings For French Doors

A great way to decorate a window is to use multiple window treatments that will blend together and create a layered look. I recently did some work on a client’s home and I used this approach and I thought I’d share this process with you. Maybe you can get some ideas to use for your own home.

The home had beautiful wood trim and quite a few doors. My client wanted to highlight the wood trim surrounding the doors but wanted to have a more “finished” look as well as have some type of window treatment that would complement not only the doorways but her entire home.

To the right is a photo of one of the doors before we started. French Doors Before Cornices

To start things out, we made cornice boards out of wood and stained them to match the trim around the doors. Cornices were a bid item years ago and they’ve suddenly made a resurgence. Maybe this is because of the renewed interest in curtains and draperies, as they go hand-in-hand very well. Today homes in the Toledo area have quite a lot of wood trim around windows and doorways.  Natural wood adds a feeling of warmth to a home and people are doing a lot of remodeling these days. Again, maybe this is a sign of the times, but many people are saving money by staying put and remodeling and making improvements to their existing homes rather than moving.

Anyway, the cornices added a nice touch to the existing architecture. We made the cornices wide enough so that the window treatments would fit underneath and the top rails would be hidden from view. These are just some of the finer points that have to be taken into account before a project like this is started!

Here you can see the cornices installed. In the next phase, we’ll look at how these window treatments for french doors were added to complete the effect.

Matching Cornices Over French Doors

To see more photos, please visit our Facebook Page or visit us on

Bellagio Window Fashions on PinterestFor more information on shades for french doors, or window treatments for french doors, contact Bellagio Window Fashions.

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Inspiration From Photos For Window Treatment Ideas

Coming Up With Window Treatment Ideas

When trying to come up with some ideas for decorating your home, many find that they just hit that wall and draw a blank. Or, have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m not exactly sure of what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it,”?

Sometimes all it takes is having one little thing catch your eye and the next thing you know you’re starting to connect the dots on your own project. Well, if a picture’s worth a thousands words, you might get those creative flowing by letting your mind wander over some things that others have done.  I wanted to share two websites that just might provide that spark for ideas on your next project.


Use Pinterest to organize your decorating ideas

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Blinds and Shades Promotion Hits Perrysburg Ohio

blinds and shades promotion

“Cordless lift” and “Top-Down/Bottom-Up” features are FREE in Blinds and Shades promotion.

Perrysburg Blinds and Shades Sale

If you live in the Perrysburg Ohio area, be on the look out for our promotional fliers because this is a great opportunity to save big!  You’ll be able to save money on two of the most popular features on window treatments that people love!

Wood (and Faux Wood) blinds and cellular shades are two of the most popular window treatments for people living in the Toledo area. What feature for blinds do people love? The “cordless lift” system. (As the name implies, there are no cords! Great for homes with children or pets.) And for cellular shades, what feature u do people love? “Top-down/Bottom-up”. (If you’re not familiar with this term, the shades can lower from the top as well as lift up from the bottom. Particularly popular in bedrooms!)

So, with any purchase of a blind, you can get a cordless lift system absolutely free! And with any purchase of a cellular shade, you can get the “top-down/bottom-up” feature absolutely free as well!

Oh, and if you don’t live in Perrysburg, don’t worry. you’re included too! Just download the flier and give me a call.  But hurry, this promotion may end soon.  So let’s get those rooms taken care of and get those windows covered and get those free features that I know you’re going to love!

Live in the Perrysburg OH area and looking for window treatment ideas? Contact me at Bellagio Window Fashions.

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Decorating Idea That Saves Money

Convenient Decorating Ideas That Can Save You Money

Here’s a decorating tip that not only looks great but is also practical. And if you’re running out of storage room in your cabinets, this is an inexpensive alternative to getting new cabinets, so it’ll save you money, as well.

Do your kitchen shelves look jumbled and disorganized? Don’t you get tired of retrieving heavy, bulking items from the lower shelves? Well, the days of “kitchen chaos” are over!

Decorating With The Ease and Convenience of Pull Out Shelves!

I have these and they’re great! I wanted to be able to give my clients some great design ideas ideas that not only looked fabulous but that were also practical and money-saving as well as.  And this truly is “interior design” on a budget because it will look as though you did a furniture makeover with your cabinets but you’ll spend a lot less!

Just think – no more searching and straining looking for your items. And these shelves look fabulous! Your whole family will love how organized your pantry and your cabinets have become. And after the first time you use these, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to function without them in your home.

Good Decorating Begins With Good Materials

I love these Pull Out Shelves for so many reasons. First of all, they’re made in the good old USA and made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. They’re all wood – birch with a maple wood front. They have strong dovetail corners, not held together with nails or glue, which means they’re solid and strong. Are they ever! They can support up to 100 lbs! So they’re built to last. Plus the dovetail corners gives it a “polished”, higher-end look. (Let you’re friends think you spent a fortune…they’ll never know.)

Dovetail Corners of Pull Out ShelvesHere’s something else that’s really smart: the rails are mounted under the box, not on the sides like other shelves. Besides looking much better, this makes them much stronger and more reliable. How many times have you have shelves “skip” the rail fall down? Big difference with these.

Another nice touch is that the front of the shelf is lower than the rest of the shelf. Why? So that the rails are not visible when viewed from the front! This may be a minor point, but it’s the quality of the details that separates a great product from all the rest.

Also, the top of the box is edge banded .  Just one more detail that makes for a great appearance.

And to complement our pull out shelves, there are optional upgrades that are available, so you can customize the features to make them great for just about every room in your home.

For example, the “high-back” roll out prevents tall items, such as bottles, from tipping backwards.
High-back Pull Out Shelves
And no more searching for spice bottles with our “Spice Rack Dividers”. Who would have thought: all of your spices organized so you can find them when you need them!
Pull Out Shelves Spice Rack

The “Upper level” Pull Out Shelf maximizes the space underneath your sink. The upper shelf fits along side the sink drain, making it a real practical upgrade to your sink cabinets.

And then there’s the single and double bin trash roll out that easily slides in and out of your cabinet to hide your trash containers. The double bin shelf holds one container for trash and one for recycling.
Pull Out Shelf Double Bin
Actually we’ve been selling these for a while now. We have buyers from all across the country ordering these. (Our YouTube video has over 3,300 views!) We’re just now getting around to posting this on the blog. With so many people staying put in their current homes and remodeling instead of buying another home, this is a great way to “upgrade” on a budget.
Versatility of Pull Out Shelves
If you would like to order these or get more information, give me a call at (419) 381-2700 or send me an email: rose (at)

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment. And don’t forget to “Like” and “Share” this page with your friends! Contact Bellagio Window Fashions for more information.

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