Silhouette-Style Window Treatments

Silhouette™ Type Window Shades Adds “Chic”

silhouette-type window treatments

Silhouette™ Window Shadings by “Hunter Douglas™” are a very popular window treatment – and for good reason! They combine the look and texture of fabric with the functionality of a blind. This special shade features sheer fabric material over adjustable vanes giving you the best of all worlds. If you’re a fan of curtains, but would like the privacy and light control of wood blinds (or faux wood blinds), you’ll love this window shade! These are window shadings from a different (but related) manufacturer at a cost that is affordable for almost any budget. And they still come with many options our clients love.

Silhouette-type Window Shadings

Unfortunately with such a magnificently beautiful window treatment comes a price tag that is out of reach for many homeowners (especially in the Toledo OH market!) If you can afford the price, run with it! If not, there are some alternatives available that can give you a similar look for a lot less money.

Take a look at these Silhouette™ alternatives. These window shadings make great sidelight window treatments for narrow windows.

Silhouettes add "chic" to any room.Are you looking for some great window treatment ideas but you’re on a budget for blinds or window shades for your home? Contact Bellagio Window Fashions.

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Solar Shades – Window Treatments For Your Office

Contemporary Window Treatments For The Office

Solar Shades (also referred to as “screen shades”) are a popular choice of window treatments for an office. They add a clean, crisp look and they’re available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Solar shades are raised and lowered like any other type of window shade but what makes them unique is that they can allow a certain amount of light through and into a room.

These shades are made of mesh material and the size of the holes in the material determine the amount of light that’s allowed through. The larger the holes and the greater number of mesh holes per inch, the greater the amount of sunlight that passes through. That said, solar shades can be made with “black-out” material so that no light is allow to enter. This makes black-out shades a great choice for media rooms, conference rooms and other areas where videos or media may be played. These features make this a better alternative than cellular shades or honeycomb shades for this environment.

Solar Shades are generally operated (raised and lowered) by way of a beaded cord or steel chain on a pulley system that hangs down from the headrail. This corded loop can be attached to the side of the window to secure it in place.

We recently completed an office project in the Toledo Ohio area. Here are a few photos of some of the shades and a few of the solar shades being installed.

Installation of Headrail of Solar Shades

Installing Solar Shades

Solar Shade Installation

Solar Shades In Conference Room

Solar Shades in Conference Room
Office With Solar Roller Shades

Solar Shades in Office Suite

Solar Shades in office.
Solar Shades Overlooking the Paio
Solar Shades overlooking the paio.

Looking for window treatments for your office? Contact Bellagio Window Fashions in Toledo.

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Semi-Custom Drapery Panels

Drapery Panels Semi-Custom LineDraperies and Curtains

The winter season is the most popular time of year for draperies and curtains. Maybe it’s because we tend to stay inside more and our attention begins to focus on getting some home decor ideas.

Or perhaps it’s because temperatures are dropping and we’re looking at ways to cover our windows in a way that will keep more of the heat inside our homes to save a few dollars on heating costs. And if you can conserve energy while decorating your windows, so much the better. The heavier the drapery material, the more insulation they’ll provide. If you can add a lining material as well, you’ll save even more.

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Decorate Your Home Using These Color Trends For 2013

Window Treatment Ideas Using Color To Decorate

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to give your home a new look is by using COLOR!  Whether you want to give a completely new look to all of your walls or just add a few simple accents to freshen up a room, color can be an important tool in your decorating arsenal.

Keep in mind that the use of color in your home doesn’t just apply to paint. You can use this information in helping to select area rugs, accent pillows and, “yes!”, even Window Treatments!

Before you run off and get started, I thought I’d put together some resources for what’s anticipated to be the Color Trends for 2013. This should give you some ideas and inspiration to get your next decorating project started. Use these ideas as a guideline and combine them with your own personal taste.

Pantone® is considered one of, if not THE, industry authorities on Paint Selector Tool by Pantone®the subject of color. In fact, they lead many of the decisions that manufacturers make in product design.

You’ll find some great tools on their website, including a great “Color Selector” that you’ll find helpful.   Individual colors are one thing, but coordinating them so they look great, is another matter. Below is a link that will show you nine of Pantone®‘s color palettes, as well as some great examples of their use.

Color Trends for 2013: Get Ready to Pantone!
Of course, color is not just used for interior design and decor. If you like “big, bold pictures”, you’re going to love this page showing you all about Pantone’s picks for the coming year. Neisha Sykes, of “”, walks you through nine of Pantone®‘s color palette’s.

Kitchen Looks by Benjamin Moore

Here you’ll see some of the color trends from Benjamin Moore paints and how they can be applied to create a new look in your kitchen. Combine these ideas with your kitchen window treatment ideas.

Home Interior Color Trends for 2013 | David Sharff Architect, P.C  It’s often easier to see how different colors can be used. Architect David Sharff demonstrates several of Benjamin Moore’s color palette by showing examples of their use in various room settings.

Delorme Designs: BENJAMIN MOORE COLOUR TRENDS 2013. Delorme Designs, highlights a few of Benjamin Moores more popular colors, including “Lemon Sorbet”, “Stratton Blue”, “Simply White”, and “Van Courtland Blue”, along with examples of their use in a beautiful home.

 More Decorating Ideas Using Color

Julie Rogowski, General Manager of The Boston Design Center, introduces more of the top pattern trends for 2013. For interior colors, she’s seeing “Tea Party Neutrals”, “Mellow Yellow” and “Femme Fatale, in their showrooms.” (Decorators sometimes create their own names for colors. Check out the video and you can refer to them however you like!)
<br ><br >

Interior Design Trends 2013 & 2014 | Luxury Interior Design Journal Here are a few key Interior Design Trends for 2013 + 2014: Yellow is the new Pink! The color will dominate with vibrancy making for lively and stimulating color palettes, fabrics and fittings. Watch out Pantone Tangerine….

Color Trends from High Point Furniture Market | Design Happens Designer Erica Islas’ Decorating Tip: If you’re worried about a color overpowering a space, use it as an accent color mixed with neutrals. For example, pair a striped orange-and-white ottoman with a neutral sofa.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Now you have some ideas of what to expect for Color Trends in 2013. But no matter what the “experts” say, it still comes done to personal taste and preference. What are your favorite colors for 2013?

Looking for window treatments for your home? Contact Bellagio Window Fashions

Photo Credits: Boston Design Center, Pantone Paint (Video)

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Woven Woods – Woven Wood Blinds In Perrysburg OH

Combining Wood Blinds And Woven Wood Shades

This year has seen a lot of new innovations in window treatments.  If you’ve been reading thWoven Wood Blindsis blog, just a few weeks ago you saw the introduction of the Trilight Shade, which is a fantastic shade.

I also recently mentioned how Woven Wood Shades were being used in new ways. And I’m happy to tell you that a completely brand new window treatment has just come onto the decorating scene. I think once you understand what it is and what it can do, you’ll be as excited as I am about this new addition to the family of window coverings.Woven Reed Blinds combine some of the best features of  woven wood blinds along with wood blinds and combine them into one window treatment. These blinds offer the natural, tropical feel of woven wood shades along with the light control and privacy control of wood or faux wood blinds. When they’re tilted open, you have a clear view of the outdoors just as you would with a traditional blind. And when the slats are closed, sunlight filters through the woven bamboo slats to create a warm, cozy feel in the room.

So What Makes These Blinds So Special?
The slats are constructed of genuine bamboo reeds that are woven together into 2-inch wide slats. And you’ll notice that the slats are strong and durable, so they’re sure to maintain their shape.  Something that I really like is the fact that each slat is wrapped in such a way so that both sides are covered. This is quality construction that shows through and it’s these type of details that create a “custom” look to your windows.

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Woven Wood Shades – Natural Window Treatments

Woven Wood Window Treatments

[imaioVideo v=1]

Woven Woods seem to be on everyone’s “trendy” list but if you take a closer look, this window shade has a lot more to offer than what you may have heard.  In fact, if you’re looking for a window treatment that’s “fashionable”, distinctive and that can blend with almost any decor and almost any type of window, Woven Wood Shades just may be your answer.

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Window Treatments For French Doors – The Video

French Door Covering

One of the most often asked questions by homeowners is:

“What type of window coverings would look good on French Doors?”

Have you considered cellular shades for french doors? I don’t know, maybe it’s the idea of having a window on a door that throws most people.  And if you think about it, that’s exactly what you have with a french door – a door with windows on it!

But,for whatever reason, this has always been a point that seems to put a lot of people into a decorating dilemma.  We’ve completed a number of projects that had French Doors over the last few months and each project was very different. And as you can probably imagine, the end result for each was very unique.

Window Coverings For French Doors

So, we did a quick little video made up of photos from some of these projects. Different ideas with different ends in mind. So if you have French Doors and you’re looking for the perfect window covering, this may give you some ideas of what you can do for your own home.  Or maybe just some additional ideas of what you can do for window treatments in general.

Anyway, have a look. And please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

And if you’d like to get a few ideas about window treatments for french doors, call Bellagio Window Fashions: 419-381-2700.

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Trilights – Trilight Shades” A Window Shade With Options

TriLight Shade With Many OptionsTrilight Shades

This is a brand new window shade that just came out and I love the versatility ad the huge number of options that make this a great window treatment – even for those “difficult windows”.

Trilight blinds are window shades that have the top-down/bottom-up feature, meaning you can have the shade raise (“bottom-up”) or you can drop the top of the shade down (“top-down”) so you have light coming in from the top and privacy at the bottom.

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Using Blinds, Draperies And A Valance To Create A Unique Design

Wood Blinds, Draperies and Valance

Multiple Window Treatments On One Window

Have you ever struggled to think of  what would be the “perfect” window treatment for a window in your and you were left totally stumped? (If so, don’t feel bad, you’re definitely not alone!)

Most people want to have a window treatment that accomplishes more than one thing.  They want it to be functional, such as providing light and privacy controls.  Maybe add some color to the room, create an inviting atmosphere, etc.  And, of course, they want it to be “unique”. (Not many want their windows to look exactly like their neighbors!)

The problem is that usually they’re trying to think of ONE window covering that will accomplish ALL of their objectives. In most cases, taking that approach will usually mean having to sacrifice something along the way.

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