Create A High-End Look With Mix-And-Match Fabrics

Using Fabrics For Window Treatment Ideas

Mix-and-Match Patterns For a "high-end" Look

Mix-and-Match Patterns For a “high-end” Look

How would you like to create your own “high-end” look for window treatments within your home with some simple ideas? Here are some ideas that will show you how to mix and match different types and styles of drapery fabric and patterns to create your own unique look on a budget.

Use an odd number of patterns (that seems to work best). Use at least three different patterns but feel free to use more. Just keep it as an odd number!

Pattern Size
Vary the size of the patterns you use. Mix small-shaped patters with large to create a unique look. Also, vary the amount of patterns you use in each room. The idea is you want “variety” and want to avoid “sameness”.

Keep the “strength” of your colors very similar. Strong, “primary” colors don’t mix well with muted colors for this technique.

Keep The Room Balanced
Try to have your room balance out with your pattern designs. Spread them out in different areas of the room rather than keeping them all in one place. This will create a more balanced feel to your room.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
Begin by picking a fabric that has a larger pattern. Make sure it has at least 3 colors. This will give you some ideas for related colors in your project.

  • Add pattern, texture and color with items in the room such as pillows, lamps and other decorating accessories.
  • Be careful using stark white colors and cream or off-white colors. They can often clash, throwing off your design ideas.
  • Consider using printed wallpaper as a way to add more patterns into your room.
  • Use contrasts such as mixing prints with florals.
  • Be aware of different “tones” or shades of color. Greens, blues and reds each have a wide variety of shades.

There are a lot of different things you can do with fabric on draperies and valances or even sidelight window treatments. See what ideas you can come up with in creating your own “high-end” design. Looking for some window treatment ideas? Contact Bellagio Window Fashions


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