Cellular Window Shades In Sylvania Ohio Home

Cellular Shades Offer Style And Comfort

Cellular Window Shades in Sylvania homeCellular Window Shades in Sylvania home



Cellular window treatments are a great choice for homeowners in the Toledo Ohio area. Gone are the days of having to choose between being practical or being stylish because cellular shades come in a wide variety of color schemes, styles and control options.

Cellular shades (often referred to as “honeycomb shades” or simply, “honeycombs” because of the shape of the individual cells when viewed from the side) are one of the best window treatments for insulation. These shades keep the heat of the sun out during the summer months and keep the freezing cold outside in those long, cold winters we often experience here in Northwest Ohio. The insulating value of these shades makes them a practical choice for any home.

Cellular Shades For Home Insulation

But you don’t have to give up the style in your home decor to reap the insulating benefits of these window shades. Cell shades come in a wide variety of colors as well as the thickness of the cells. They’re also available with “black-out” material, making them a popular choice for window treatments in bedrooms. (If you or anyone in your family regularly sleep during the day, these shades are a lifesaver!)

Another option that many people love is that these shades can be raised from the bottom up like most window blinds or shades. But they can also be made so they can lower from the top. If you want sunlight to enter a room but still want to maintain privacy, this is a great option and popular with many of our clients.

Window Treatment Control Options

And there are options available for how the shades can be controlled (lowered and raised). You can get the standard “manual control” so the shades are raised and lowered with a cord along the side of the window shade. And you can also have them made with a motorized option so they operate with a remote control. This is a great convenience, especially for shades that installed at a high level that makes it difficult to reach.

We recently installed cellular shades in a home in Sylvania Ohio. This home had a bank of windows on different levels and of course, all of the shades had the same matching color and design. One of the rooms had very high ceilings and there are windows at the top of the wall. For these windows, the homeowners elected to install motorized shades. This was a smart choice because these shades can be easily controlled with a push of a button on the remote.

Cellular shades are an excellent way to provide practically with style and accenting the decor of a room. The many options available make cellular window shades a smart choice for today’s homeowner.

Want to learn more? Contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule a free in-home consultation. See for yourself why cellular shades are a popular choice with Toledo area homeowners.

Cellular Window Shades In A Sylvania Ohio Home
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Cellular Window Shades In A Sylvania Ohio Home
Cellular Window Shades are a popular choice for window treatments for homes in the Northwest Ohio area. The variety of options, colors and controls as well as their insulating capabilities make cellular shades a smart choice for homeowners.
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