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Cellular Window Shades In Sylvania Ohio Home

Cellular Shades Offer Style And Comfort

Cellular Window Shades in Sylvania homeCellular Window Shades in Sylvania home



Cellular window treatments are a great choice for homeowners in the Toledo Ohio area. Gone are the days of having to choose between being practical or being stylish because cellular shades come in a wide variety of color schemes, styles and control options.

Cellular shades (often referred to as “honeycomb shades” or simply, “honeycombs” because of the shape of the individual cells when viewed from the side) are one of the best window treatments for insulation. These shades keep the heat of the sun out during the summer months and keep the freezing cold outside in those long, cold winters we often experience here in Northwest Ohio. The insulating value of these shades makes them a practical choice for any home.

Cellular Shades For Home Insulation

But you don’t have to give up the style in your home decor to reap the insulating benefits of these window shades. Cell shades come in a wide variety of colors as well as the thickness of the cells. They’re also available with “black-out” material, making them a popular choice for window treatments in bedrooms. (If you or anyone in your family regularly sleep during the day, these shades are a lifesaver!)

Another option that many people love is that these shades can be raised from the bottom up like most window blinds or shades. But they can also be made so they can lower from the top. If you want sunlight to enter a room but still want to maintain privacy, this is a great option and popular with many of our clients.

Window Treatment Control Options

And there are options available for how the shades can be controlled (lowered and raised). You can get the standard “manual control” so the shades are raised and lowered with a cord along the side of the window shade. And you can also have them made with a motorized option so they operate with a remote control. This is a great convenience, especially for shades that installed at a high level that makes it difficult to reach.

We recently installed cellular shades in a home in Sylvania Ohio. This home had a bank of windows on different levels and of course, all of the shades had the same matching color and design. One of the rooms had very high ceilings and there are windows at the top of the wall. For these windows, the homeowners elected to install motorized shades. This was a smart choice because these shades can be easily controlled with a push of a button on the remote.

Cellular shades are an excellent way to provide practically with style and accenting the decor of a room. The many options available make cellular window shades a smart choice for today’s homeowner.

Want to learn more? Contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule a free in-home consultation. See for yourself why cellular shades are a popular choice with Toledo area homeowners.

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Panel Track Blinds – An Alternative To Vertical Blinds

A Great Alternative To Vertical Blinds

Panel Track Blinds with stack to the sideSo many people ask about what they can use on a sliding glass patio door instead of vertical blinds. A great option is Sliding Panel Track Blinds. As you might expect from the name, these are panels that traverse across a track much like a vertical.

There are different types of material, including fabric, that are available in different textures and colors. The panels can be pulled all the way to one side or completely closed. The type of material would determine the amount of light that enters the room. Another advantage is that the material can be selected to blend in or contrast the colors of the room.

Panel Track Blinds on Sliding Glass Door in closed position

With contemporary homes, it’s common to have sliding glass doors in semi-formal rooms so panel track blinds are an option that would provide more control over the decor of the room. Keep in mind that if you have kids or pets, you’ll want to consider the type of material and color. Another great feature is that these blinds come with a matching valance, which adds a finished look to your window treatments.

So, if you’re stumped with the common question of what type of window treatment you can use instead of the typical vertical blind, consider a Panel Track Blind.


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Sheer Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds With Style

sheer vertical blindsVertical blinds are popular window treatments with homeowners in the Toledo OH are Verticals are practical window coverings, providing privacy and light control. But clients ask me, “Is there an alternative to vertical blinds?” Actually, there is!

Sheer Vertical Blinds

These combine the benefits of a vertical blind with the elegance of sheers. One of the hottest trends in window fashions is Window Shadings, which are similar to Silhouettes® by Hunter Douglas®. Window Shadings are horizontal window treatments. Imagine turning them on end so the vanes are “vertical” (ie, “up and down”) and you’ll know what vertical sheers are all about.

The vanes are made of heavy fabric material, not the thick PVC material used on your typical vertical blind. Sheer fabric is between each of the vanes. And there are plenty of choices in style and color of material to match any decor. The variety of materials and options makes it easy for these elegant window treatments to go in any room of your home.
And just like Window Shadings, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how affordable they are.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to vertical blinds, add some style and elegance to your home with Window Shadings – sheer vertical blinds.


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Sidelight Blinds & Window Treatments With Matching Transom

Sidelight Blinds

Sidelights windows on a front door are fairly common. But this is something that is rather unique: a transom window on the same door!

Front Door Window Blinds

This door needed blinds for two sidelight windows and the transom window above the door. Transom windows can be tricky because they are treated as a window but they are smaller than a typical window. Depending upon the particular blinds, it can be difficult to get the exact size needed to fit the window. And then you have to be concerned with the window depth, especially for sidelight window coverings. Ideally, the transom window should extend (or be recessed) the same amount as the sidelight windows.

Sidelight Windows and Transom

Sidelight Windows and Transom

To get more information about sidelight window treatments on the front door or sidelight blinds, call Bellagio Window Fashions at 419-381-2700.

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Woven Woods – Woven Wood Blinds In Perrysburg OH

Combining Wood Blinds And Woven Wood Shades

This year has seen a lot of new innovations in window treatments.  If you’ve been reading thWoven Wood Blindsis blog, just a few weeks ago you saw the introduction of the Trilight Shade, which is a fantastic shade.

I also recently mentioned how Woven Wood Shades were being used in new ways. And I’m happy to tell you that a completely brand new window treatment has just come onto the decorating scene. I think once you understand what it is and what it can do, you’ll be as excited as I am about this new addition to the family of window coverings.

Woven Reed Blinds
combine some of the best features of woven wood blinds along with wood blinds and combine them into one window treatment. These blinds offer the natural, tropical feel of woven wood shades along with the light control and privacy control of wood or faux wood blinds. When they’re tilted open, you have a clear view of the outdoors just as you would with a traditional blind. And when the slats are closed, sunlight filters through the woven bamboo slats to create a warm, cozy feel in the room.

So What Makes These Blinds So Special?
The slats are constructed of genuine bamboo reeds that are woven together into 2-inch wide slats. And you’ll notice that the slats are strong and durable, so they’re sure to maintain their shape.  Something that I really like is the fact that each slat is wrapped in such a way so that both sides are covered. This is quality construction that shows through and it’s these type of details that create a “custom” look to your windows.

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Woven Wood Shades – Natural Window Treatments

Woven Wood Window Treatments

[imaioVideo v=1]

Woven Woods seem to be on everyone’s “trendy” list but if you take a closer look, this window shade has a lot more to offer than what you may have heard.  In fact, if you’re looking for a window treatment that’s “fashionable”, distinctive and that can blend with almost any decor and almost any type of window, Woven Wood Shades just may be your answer.

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Using Blinds, Draperies And A Valance To Create A Unique Design

Wood Blinds, Draperies and Valance

Multiple Window Treatments On One Window

Have you ever struggled to think of  what would be the “perfect” window treatment for a window in your and you were left totally stumped? (If so, don’t feel bad, you’re definitely not alone!)

Most people want to have a window treatment that accomplishes more than one thing.  They want it to be functional, such as providing light and privacy controls.  Maybe add some color to the room, create an inviting atmosphere, etc.  And, of course, they want it to be “unique”. (Not many want their windows to look exactly like their neighbors!)

The problem is that usually they’re trying to think of ONE window covering that will accomplish ALL of their objectives. In most cases, taking that approach will usually mean having to sacrifice something along the way.

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Blinds and Shades Promotion Hits Perrysburg Ohio

blinds and shades promotion

“Cordless lift” and “Top-Down/Bottom-Up” features are FREE in Blinds and Shades promotion.

Perrysburg Blinds and Shades Sale

If you live in the Perrysburg Ohio area, be on the look out for our promotional fliers because this is a great opportunity to save big!  You’ll be able to save money on two of the most popular features on window treatments that people love!

Wood (and Faux Wood) blinds and cellular shades are two of the most popular window treatments for people living in the Toledo area. What feature for blinds do people love? The “cordless lift” system. (As the name implies, there are no cords! Great for homes with children or pets.) And for cellular shades, what feature u do people love? “Top-down/Bottom-up”. (If you’re not familiar with this term, the shades can lower from the top as well as lift up from the bottom. Particularly popular in bedrooms!)

So, with any purchase of a blind, you can get a cordless lift system absolutely free! And with any purchase of a cellular shade, you can get the “top-down/bottom-up” feature absolutely free as well!

Oh, and if you don’t live in Perrysburg, don’t worry. you’re included too! Just download the flier and give me a call.  But hurry, this promotion may end soon.  So let’s get those rooms taken care of and get those windows covered and get those free features that I know you’re going to love!

Live in the Perrysburg OH area and looking for window treatment ideas? Contact me at Bellagio Window Fashions.

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