Buying Online Is Often Not Cheaper – Here’s Proof

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Smart ConsumerWindow Treatments In Toledo

I have a client in the Toledo area who recently ordered drapery panels for her home.  Here are the specs:

  • Pinch-pleated draperies
  • Lined
  • 1 width per panel
  • 139 inches in length
  • Four drapery panels in total

The fabric that was used is from a “premier” fabric manufacturer.  The draperies are hand-tailored. And, of course, this includes installation of all four drapery panels.

The total cost to my client was $1,030 (including sales tax).

I’ve always made it a point of not only providing quality window treatments, but also providing them at a great price. In fact, the lowest price available. So, just for kicks, I decided to go online and check to see what the quoted prices  would be from online companies.

I went to, a very well-known online company. I entered the information listed above to find out what those same draperies would be, assuming they had comparable material.

Their price: $1,532.

But there was one huge problem: the longest length they could provide was 120 inches. In other words, my client would not have been able to get the draperies in the required length!

Also, this didn’t include installation…my price did!

My price was 33% LESS than one of the largest online, internet stores.  If you factor in installation, the difference would have been ever greater.

But the most important factor, my client wouldn’t have been able to get the length she needed.

So the moral of the story is:

In many cases, when you buy online, you could be paying MORE for what you’re getting.

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