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Panel Track Blinds – An Alternative To Vertical Blinds

A Great Alternative To Vertical Blinds

Panel Track Blinds with stack to the sideSo many people ask about what they can use on a sliding glass patio door instead of vertical blinds. A great option is Sliding Panel Track Blinds. As you might expect from the name, these are panels that traverse across a track much like a vertical.

There are different types of material, including fabric, that are available in different textures and colors. The panels can be pulled all the way to one side or completely closed. The type of material would determine the amount of light that enters the room. Another advantage is that the material can be selected to blend in or contrast the colors of the room.

Panel Track Blinds on Sliding Glass Door in closed position

With contemporary homes, it’s common to have sliding glass doors in semi-formal rooms so panel track blinds are an option that would provide more control over the decor of the room. Keep in mind that if you have kids or pets, you’ll want to consider the type of material and color. Another great feature is that these blinds come with a matching valance, which adds a finished look to your window treatments.

So, if you’re stumped with the common question of what type of window treatment you can use instead of the typical vertical blind, consider a Panel Track Blind.


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Sheer Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds With Style

sheer vertical blindsVertical blinds are popular window treatments with homeowners in the Toledo OH are Verticals are practical window coverings, providing privacy and light control. But clients ask me, “Is there an alternative to vertical blinds?” Actually, there is!

Sheer Vertical Blinds

These combine the benefits of a vertical blind with the elegance of sheers. One of the hottest trends in window fashions is Window Shadings, which are similar to Silhouettes® by Hunter Douglas®. Window Shadings are horizontal window treatments. Imagine turning them on end so the vanes are “vertical” (ie, “up and down”) and you’ll know what vertical sheers are all about.

The vanes are made of heavy fabric material, not the thick PVC material used on your typical vertical blind. Sheer fabric is between each of the vanes. And there are plenty of choices in style and color of material to match any decor. The variety of materials and options makes it easy for these elegant window treatments to go in any room of your home.
And just like Window Shadings, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how affordable they are.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to vertical blinds, add some style and elegance to your home with Window Shadings – sheer vertical blinds.


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An Alternative To Window Blinds That Also Looks Great On Sliding Glass Doors

Window Treatment Ideas For Sliding Glass Doors

vertical blinds and matching roman shades

Cellular Shade On Sliding Glass Door. Now the shades on your living room window can match your sliding glass door!

Bellagio Window Fashions of Toledo Ohio is offering a new style of cellular shade, solving several home decor challenges with one window treatment.

“If you’re looking for blinds for sliding glass doors, you may want to consider this idea. New trends in window treatments call for a contemporary look. But also important is for homeowners to have more options in how window covering can be customized in order to adapt to their individual requirements,” said Rose Heckman-Hinkle, owner of Bellagio Window Fashions. “Our new 2-inch Hybrid Pleat Shade has some creative design features that have never been available before in one window covering.”

The shade is made of a cellular shade but when mounted in the handrail resembles a Roman Shade because of the over-sized pleats. “And Roman Shades are one of the hottest trends in home décor right now,” said Heckman. “Because of the honeycomb design, this has greater insulation capabilities than a window blind,” she added”.

The Hybrid shade has a vertical design option so that it can be used on sliding glass doors and other large windows. “Many Toledo area homeowners have been asking for window treatment ideas for sliding glass doors,” commented the owner of Bellagio Window Fashions. “And even better, now the window treatments on your sliding glass doors can match the window shades in your living room.”

Another design option is the Tandem Shade, featuring a back liner mounted as roller shades. Adding to the custom-made look, the liner can be made from sheer fabric, screen mesh or blackout fabric. “This way, a homeowner can have cellular shades with blackout material, which is another popular decorating trend in window fashion design. The additional features of the shade make it even more practical than the standard choice of blinds and shades”, added Heckman.

The 2-Inch Pleated shade is available with more control options, including:

Motorized Remote Control – Raising and lowering the window shade by remote control

Cordless Lift – Cordless shades (with no strings) offer a clean look while taking into account child-safety.

Cordless Lift and Lock – A child safety feature that allows the shade to be lowered and raised through the use of a locking button. 

Continuous Cord Loop – Designed to raise and lower shades on larger windows

Two Shades on One Head rail – Two independently functioning window shades sharing the same head rail.

Vertical Window Treatments – An alternative to vertical blinds, a modern design that can be used on sliding glass doors, large living room windows, closets and even as room dividers.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up – Shades that open from top and bottom together or that can be lowered from the top and raised from the bottom for greater privacy and light control.

Trilight Shades – A combination of a pleated, sheer shade on top and a 2″ Hybrid Pleat shade on the bottom, for UV protection and additional privacy.

Heckman concluded with, “The Hybrid Shade is one of the most practical window coverings available on the market. And, they look great! I’m happy that Bellagio Window Fashions in Toledo is able to add this unique shade to our line of custom window treatments.”

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Window Shades In Toledo Office Conference Room

Window Treatments For Offices

Recently we installed roller shades in the conference room of Toledo office of the Attorney General of Ohio.

These are roller shades that add a classic look. Very tastefully done, very economical and very functional. We included the fascia front in stead of the typical window treatment valance you often find. This adds a much nicer, “finished” look to the window treatment. Great idea for shades for tall windows!

Window Treatments for vertical windows
For window treatments for offices or your home, contact Bellagio Window Fashions at 419-381-2700
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Review For Bellagio Window Fashions On

Window Treatments Review On

Window Treatments Pro on “Pro” – Bellagio Window Fashions

Always very grateful to get reviews and testimonials from clients!
This was for a beautiful home in Maumee, OH
. (A very fun project!)

If you’re not already familiar with, please have a look at their site. It’s rated as THE “premier place on the web for “Home Design, Remodeling and Decorating Ideas!”.  Please be sure to visit our page on

Whether you’re looking for blinds, shades, draperies or any other window treatment, get some ideas for your next window treatment project.  We have sidelight window treatment ideas too!

blinds and window treatment reviews

Call Bellagio Window Fashions at: (419) 381-2700

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Valances and Cellular Shades For Bay Windows

Valances For Bay Windows

This bay window project had several different parts. We needed to install cellular shades (“honeycomb shades”). And then make a custom curtain valance that would cover the shades

Cellular Shades in a Bay Window

Cellular Shades in a Bay Window

when the shades were pulled up. We used cordless lift cellular shades. No cords are especially great if you have kids or pets. Cordless shades also provide a clean look without having to contend with cords and trying to tuck them out of sight.

CUshion Seat In Bay WIndow

Cushion Seat In Bay Window

Window Valance In Bay Window

We made a custom valance out of a light fabric. Another factor that had to be considered was the custom on the window seat of the bay window. Everything had to be coordinated.  What was challenging about this project (and most involving bay windows) is the tight angles and corners. The shades have to be wide enough to cover the windows but getting the ends of the shades to fit in place on each side is something that can be difficult to do. Adding a valance and having that fit snuggling just adds to the challenge. When a project finally comes together, it’s a great feeling. Cellular shades with a custom valance are a great combination together in a bay window.

Honeycomb Shades In Bay Window

Headrail of Honeycomb Shades In A Bay Window





Curtain Valance In Bay WIndow

Valance Curtains In Bay Window


Bay Window Curtain Valance

Bay Window Curtain Valance

Looking for window treatment ideas for top treatments like valances, wood cornice boards or curtain toppers? Call Bellagio Window Fashions at 419-381-2700.

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Sidelight Blinds & Window Treatments With Matching Transom

Sidelight Blinds

Sidelights windows on a front door are fairly common. But this is something that is rather unique: a transom window on the same door!

Front Door Window Blinds

This door needed blinds for two sidelight windows and the transom window above the door. Transom windows can be tricky because they are treated as a window but they are smaller than a typical window. Depending upon the particular blinds, it can be difficult to get the exact size needed to fit the window. And then you have to be concerned with the window depth, especially for sidelight window coverings. Ideally, the transom window should extend (or be recessed) the same amount as the sidelight windows.

Sidelight Windows and Transom

Sidelight Windows and Transom

To get more information about sidelight window treatments on the front door or sidelight blinds, call Bellagio Window Fashions at 419-381-2700.

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Create A High-End Look With Mix-And-Match Fabrics

Using Fabrics For Window Treatment Ideas

Mix-and-Match Patterns For a "high-end" Look

Mix-and-Match Patterns For a “high-end” Look

How would you like to create your own “high-end” look for window treatments within your home with some simple ideas? Here are some ideas that will show you how to mix and match different types and styles of drapery fabric and patterns to create your own unique look on a budget.

Use an odd number of patterns (that seems to work best). Use at least three different patterns but feel free to use more. Just keep it as an odd number!

Pattern Size
Vary the size of the patterns you use. Mix small-shaped patters with large to create a unique look. Also, vary the amount of patterns you use in each room. The idea is you want “variety” and want to avoid “sameness”.

Keep the “strength” of your colors very similar. Strong, “primary” colors don’t mix well with muted colors for this technique.

Keep The Room Balanced
Try to have your room balance out with your pattern designs. Spread them out in different areas of the room rather than keeping them all in one place. This will create a more balanced feel to your room.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
Begin by picking a fabric that has a larger pattern. Make sure it has at least 3 colors. This will give you some ideas for related colors in your project.

  • Add pattern, texture and color with items in the room such as pillows, lamps and other decorating accessories.
  • Be careful using stark white colors and cream or off-white colors. They can often clash, throwing off your design ideas.
  • Consider using printed wallpaper as a way to add more patterns into your room.
  • Use contrasts such as mixing prints with florals.
  • Be aware of different “tones” or shades of color. Greens, blues and reds each have a wide variety of shades.

There are a lot of different things you can do with fabric on draperies and valances or even sidelight window treatments. See what ideas you can come up with in creating your own “high-end” design. Looking for some window treatment ideas? Contact Bellagio Window Fashions

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